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At LOCLUB - Food & Music, we have prepared a unique experience for you that offers various possibilities during the week and the weekend. During weekdays, you can enjoy our excellent gastronomic specialties in the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant. We offer you high-quality meals, a special menu, and an ambiance suitable for business meetings or pleasant dinners with your loved ones.

When the weekend comes, LOCLUB comes alive with the endless energy of a dance club. The music scene comes to life as our talented DJs create an unforgettable atmosphere. The dance floor is open to welcome you to delightful dance parties full of rhythm and joy. Enjoy the combination of great food and beautiful music performances that will entertain you and keep you on your feet all night.


At LOCLUB - Food & Music, we strive to bring you the best of both worlds - the pleasure of excellent cuisine and the endless fun of a dance club. Prepare yourself for experiences that you will remember forever and join us during the week and the weekend to experience the best combination of flavors and music.

Food, Beer, Wine &Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer, wine, mixed drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner at LOCLUBE. In our bar you will find a wide selection of beer, wine and mixed cocktails.

Check YourStuff

We offer a coat check service for your jacket, purse or merch - free.

At special events, we offer a free cloakroom for your jackets and coats. 

Buy Tickets
on Site

You can book the entrance to the party via the online form.

You can book the entrance to the party via the online form.

Photos andVideos

Still photography is allowed; video policy varies per artist.

Photography is permitted; Video rules vary by artist.

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