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Traditional Slovak Duck Feast at LOCLUB: A delicacy bridging tradition and hospitality.

kacacie hody v LOCLUB - Food & Music

Loclub, known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent cuisine, now offers gourmets a unique treat - traditional duck feast. This culinary experience, set to enchant your taste buds, is now available to all lovers of great gastronomy.

The duck feast at Loclub is a celebration of traditional Slovak cuisine, where every piece of food is prepared with love and care. The main course is a perfectly roasted half duck weighing 1.20 kg, prepared according to a traditional recipe that guarantees juiciness and a distinctive flavor.

Accompanying the duck, we serve four pieces of homemade greased potato flatbread, which are the perfect complement to the crispy duck. In addition, we add four pieces of bread dumplings, which are always fluffy and aromatic at Loclub.

LOCLUB - Food & Music
LOCLUB - Food & Music, Ventúrska 5, Bratislava

To complete the experience, each set also includes 500 g of delicious red cabbage, adding a fresh and spicy flavor to the dish. This combination not only meets the expectations of gourmets but also reflects the rich tradition of Slovak cuisine. The menu for two people is priced at 33.00 euros.

Loclub warmly invites you to an unforgettable culinary experience, where you will encounter not only excellent dishes but also the hospitable environment that is characteristic of us. The duck feast is available for two, making it an ideal choice for a romantic dinner or a meeting with old friends.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste this culinary masterpiece. Visit Loclub and let yourself be carried away by flavors that will revive your senses and create unforgettable memories. Our doors are open to you – come and discover what Slovak cuisine can offer in its best form!



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