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LOCLUB: More than just a restaurant – it's an experience!

When was the last time you entered a place where food becomes art and the atmosphere transports you to another dimension? If you are looking for something more than just traditional food, LOCLUB is your answer.

Combination of tradition and avant-garde

It's not just about the food, although I have to say that every dish is a small work of art. But it's also about how you feel when you enter. Mixing antique furniture with modern touches creates a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary.

Food that tells stories

From our traditional local dishes, you will understand the culture and heritage of our region. And if you feel like something bold? Try our modern fusions that combine the best of several cultures.

Barmen who are real magicians

Ask about our custom-made cocktail and let yourself be surprised. Our bartenders will create something unique that reflects your personality and mood.

Events you must not miss

From live concerts to themed evenings - there is always something interesting at LOCLUB. Join us and become part of our community!

Ready for an experience?

Do not hesitate and book your place in advance. The place where food, art and culture meet is waiting for you.

Would you like to share your experience or have an idea for an event? Contact us at:

  • Address: Ventúrska 5, Bratislava

  • Telephone: +421 940 068 847

  • E-mail:



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